Welcome to the Velni Lab at the University of Georgia. Our interdisciplinary research covers several domains as follows:

(1) On the theoretical side, our research lies at the intersection of machine learning, stochastic & optimal control theory, and applied mathematics. Applications of interest include advanced combustion engines and complex chemical processes.

(2) Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern Agriculture.

In particular, our lab develops: (1) analytical tools for data-driven modeling of complex nonlinear systems using statistical machine learning methods; (2) distributed (both robust and stochastic) model predictive control design methods for spatially interconnected systems; (3) distributed coverage control algorithms for heterogeneous multi-agent systems operating under uncertainties and with an intermittent communication; (4) fog computing-based algorithms for distributed monitoring and control in cyber-physical systems; (5) new countermeasures based on statistical graph-theoretic methods to quickly and accurately detect attacks in cyber-physical systems.